Travel Takes Over – Like A Backpacker

At the top of Cerro Santa Lucía, Santiago 2013.

Hi everyone,

Before I left Australia for my trip around South America, I was intent on keeping OpenEdToolbox up to date.

Unfortunately it is turning out to be too hard a task to keep my mind in both places at once. I am sure that I will return to this blog and the wonderful community of teachers in future, but for the time being I am investing my time in my travel page which can be found at

If you have any education related questions that you have regarding the content on OpenEdToolbox, please don't hesitate to drop me an email via The conversations I have had with people via this site have been awesome, and it would be great to keep those connections strong. Thanks to all those people who have contributed thus far.

Until next time,




News Shorts, Ed Tools and more.

I’m going to draw from my weekly notes and favourited Tweets to build a range of links into this short monthly section that cover related news, interesting blog posts and recommended Ed Tools. I’ll try my best to experiment with some of the tools offered. If not, I’ll take care to ensure that they are re-blogged from reputable educational sources!

News Shorts

ABC News – ‘What’s in the Gonski Report?‘, is a well constructed article that includes relevant information, some interesting infographics and a pop quiz! (via @wombatlyons)

ABC News – Peter Garrett alluding to the the fact that it could be several years before an overhaul of school funding takes place (video) (@abcnews)

Blogs and Bloggers

The Great IWB Swindle‘ – A thought-provoking, well written blog article that prompted me to reflect on my use of the technology in my classroom. (@richielambert via @kathleen_morris) – A blog that I have browsed in the past. Regularly has interesting posts and valuable links and ideas. (@AnaChristinaPrts via @mgraffin)

Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom – An inspiring blog that led me to many other intriguing resources that I plan to investigate and blog on in the future! (via the author, @kathleen_morris)

That’s all for now. I am planning to investigate Sqworl and Storify for my next post. If you’re an expert or you have any comments please use the comments section for any feedback or tips!